Disclaimer: Even though ChiroPrayer is a very efficient biblical alternative to chiropractic care
we do not guarantee results.

Monday, December 21, 2009



PROPER ADJUSTMENT OF YOUR BODY WILL KEEP YOUR SPINAL STRUCTURE IN LINE, IN HARMONY AND IN BALANCE AND MAY IMPROVE OR RELIEVE PROBLEMS SUCH AS: Allergies - Asthma - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Chronic Ear and Sinus Infection - Chronic Neck and Back Pain - Dizziness/Vertigo - Fibromyalgia - Herniated Discs - Migraines - Multiple Sclerosis - Parkinson's - Scoliosis - Seizures/Epilepsy - Temporomandibular Joint Disorder - Trigeminal Neuralgia - Arm Pain - Athletic Injuries - Attention Deficit Disorder - Bed Wetting - Cerebral Palsy - Child Development Problems - Chronic Fatigue - Chronic Infection - Chronic Pain - Constipation - Depression - Diabetes - Digestive Problems - Dyslexia - Dystonia - Eye Infections - Female Disorders - Fever - Flu Symptoms - Frequent Colds - Hay Fever - Headaches - Heart Conditions - High Blood Pressure - Hip Pain - Hyperactivity - Immune System Deficiency - Indigestion - Infertility - Knee Problems - Learning Disability - Leg Pain - Loss of Sleep - Muscle Spasms - Nervousness - Neuritis - Neuropathy - Numbness and Tingling in Limbs - Organ Dysfunction - Poor Vision - Post-Polio - Problems from Automobile Accidents, Slips or Falls - Rheumatoid Arthritis - Shoulder Pain - Sleeping Disorders - Spasmodic Disorders - Stiffness - Tendonitis - Tight Muscles - Torticollis - Whiplash Injuries and Countless more ...

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"I really get a kick out of feeling my leg growing longer, its also quite amazing the way my bones in my spine snap into place when you pray this."
Dan W.

"Hey Brother Carlos! just letting you know that you've helped me so much this far. I've just begun my journey with the Father and he has led me to you which is pretty cool. I thought the Chiro-Prayer was awesome as well. I literally felt my left leg start to stretch and I felt my spine click into place. I've always had trouble with my spine and never really knew why... Thanks a lot! God Bless you!"
Paul S.

"Was having a hard time sitting down due to my spinal injuries and I notice that when praying with you for three days my lower back pain eased up some, I will continue to let you pray until I am made whole. God Bless and thank you."
Kim K.

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The Nervous System houses your hidden Inner Power Source.

Most people have been led to believe eating nutritious foods (including supplements), drinking plenty of fluids, exercising regularly, sleeping well and having a clean air supply will make them healthy. Not true! These things are a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle--but every function in your body is under the total control of your nervous system. Think about it. Your brain isn't programmed to make you sick or diseased--ever. Each human brain and nervous system is totally 100% programmed for optimal health and wellness and will manifest this every time unless interfered with somewhere in the system. Your brain stores thousands of years of healing secrets far beyond our modern scientific understanding of the body.

Only 10% of your entire nervous System carries or perceives pain. It can be heavily stressed without any alarms, whistles or bells!

Your brain is continuously producing vital messages which are brilliantly decoded into electrical impulses with the purpose of performing an important function in a specific place within your your body. Millions of these messages are sent every minute of your life, going from your brain to your body cells and, equally important, from your body cells back to your brain. Anything that interrupts the proper flow of electrical impulses through your nervous system should set off loud, beeping alarms in the body. But it doesn't--not until a certain amount of damage has already been accumulated.

Uninterrupted nerve flow is the key to optimal healing.

Since your spinal cord (which carries your Inner Power Source) runs inside the spinal column, it stands to reason that the spinal column has the greatest opportunity to interfere with the power of your nerve flow. In fact, that's exactly what does occur. Imagine the twenty-four movable vertebrae which make up the spinal column (including the skull, sacrum and pelvis) undergoing continuous pressure from gravity. Then add tension from prolonged or unusual patterns of sitting and or standing. Go further and consider the strain from walking. exercising, or mild to significant injuries sustained. Now let's compound this whole thing with the stress that comes from personal, professional and emotional tensions. If that wasn't enough, it's also well known that chemical toxicity from foods, medications and the environment cause reflexive stress to your spine. It's a wonder that healthy vital messages from the brain ever get to the body at all.

When a spinal vertebrae shifts out of place, it puts remarkable pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves causing interruption to the vital nerve flow within your body. This condition is referred to as subluxation.

Drugs have potentially dangerous side effects and overwhelming majority of medications taken today are unnecessary. They often block your inner power source from doing what it knows perfectly to do. If you or someone you know is currently taking medication, the recommendation is not to stop.

Why not have your body adjusted through the ChiroPrayer, then?

Disclaimer: Even though ChiroPrayer is a very efficient biblical alternative to chiropractic care we don't guarantee any results.

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